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Kimono care

How should I care for my kimono? - Never store your kimono on a clothes hanger. The hanger shape would, in time, dirstort the typical, angular shape of the garment. Neatly fold the kimono, making use of the straight lines it is made up of (but not along the centre back), and wrap it in paper, possibly also cloth, if it's a valuable piece. Moth repellent and poison should not be brought into direct contact with the fabric.

Do not wash it! - Kimono were traditionally taken apart, laundered and sewn back together. Because the fabric content is not always known, we do not suggest home washing for your kimono. You can use a dry cloth to brush off surface dirt or dust, but water may cause the colors to run and the fabric to shrink.

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How to Fold a kimono

  1. Lay the kimono flat. Spread the kimono out on a flat surface such as a clean.
  2. Fold the right side of the shoulder section (which will be to your left, since you are facing the kimono) out to the left. Lift the seams with the motion, so that the entire shoulder panel is directed this way.
  3. Repeat the same step with the left shoulder, turning it out to the right along with the whole panel. Both the right and left sides should now be facing out like wings.
  4. Fold the entire kimono in half, going lengthwise, so the width will be decreased in half.
  5. Accomplish this by lifting the left side up and over onto the right.
    Do the same thing with the sleeves, placing the left sleeve over on top of the right one.
  6. Fold the bottom half of the kimono up so it rests on the rest of the garment.
    Lift the half of the length up and fold it toward the top, so it rests on the fabric above it.
    If you have done this correctly, you should be left with a rectangular shape.

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