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About Kimonos

What is a kimono? - All traditional Japanese clothing are called kimonos. There are many dirrefernt styles. Get more details on the wikipedia website.


What else do I need to wear a kimono? - You'll need a belt or sash and undershirt. If you want to wear traditional style, you need an undershirt (hadajyuban), underwear kimono (jyuban), belt(obi), traditional footwear (zouri), socks (tabi), etc.


How to wear a kimono?

  1. Put on the kimono, making sure the back is centered.
  2. Wrap the right side of the kimono over the body, then overlap it with the left side.
  3. Pull up the kimono material to make the length (at the ankle). As you hold the extra material above your waist, tie a belt (koshihimo) below the excess material.
  4. Straighten out the excess material to the side so that the front and the back of the kimono are smooth. Bring down the excess material to cover the belt.
  5. Take a belt (datejime belt) and wrap it around your waist.

How do I tie the obi? - There many way to tie, also formal obi belt and casual obi belt. I recomend to you to use casual obi (hanhaba obi) to tie butterfly bow (bunko).

  1. About 50cm from the end of obi on left hand.  
  2. Wrap the unfolded portion of the obi around your waist to the right completely two times. Make sure the remaining length of the obi returns to your front from your right side.
  3. Tie a knot with the two ends, using the length laying over your shoulder to wrap over and around the length coming from your left side. Lay the end over your left shoulder.
  4. Fold the long bottom end in half or twice to get the size bow you want.
  5. To make the center tie that holds the bow together, take the end that is over your shoulder and wrap it twice. Any excess portionn of the belt should be hidden underneth.
  6. Turn the belt to back clockwise.

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