Meisen 銘仙


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Meisen kimonos are very old and rare (1930 to 1960). They take their origin during the Edo period when silk was banned. People were still eager to wear this luxurious fabric so they tried to wove silk in a different way to make it look like cotton. First the silk thread is dyed, then it is woven in to a fabric without being spinned so it does not shine and the fabric is more fragile as a result. They are casual and may be worn around town. Meisen Kimono Patterns are usually influenced by European art, art-deco, art nouveau which were very fashionable at the time in Japan.

  • Length (neck to hem) 147cm
  • Width (sleeve to sleeve) 126cm
  • Back width (side to side)112cm
  • S size

Material: Pure silk
: Good

*Not include all accessory.

Photographer: Myriam Fotou  Kimono yokaboo © 2010

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